Amana Refrigerator Repair Los Angeles


Amana Refrigerators are a thing of beauty! The precision engineering, refined design and of course one of the industry’s most reliable machines money can buy (what kind of appliance repair company would we be to not mention that). But without digressing too far, the greatest of engineers still find it difficult to stop the laws of nature and keep these machines from breaking down once in a while. When your Amana Refrigerator breaks, I know you don’t want to buy a new. These wonderful Refrigerators have a tendency to inspire loyalty. Besides, why waste the money? On many occasions, the problem may be a quick and easy repair, believe me, I’ve seen many times when a client comes inches away from tossing a machine, when all that needed to be done was to replace a light bulb. Whether it’s the digital display that’s giving you problems or the unit is making strange noise, we’ll help you figure out the problem. Are you trying to repair your Amana Refrigerator yourself? Wonderful, don’t be afraid to give it a shot, and if you have a question, we may even be able to make a recommendation over the phone. But of course repairing these machines may get quite high-tech, requiring product-specific knowledge in many cases. If that’s the case and you can’t seem to figure out the nature of the repair, our technicians are factory trained and the repair is likely much more affordable than you may think! So don’t be shy, give us a jingle.

Giving  your Amana Refrigerator a tune-up service may be the trick to prevent major repairs and keep it working smoothly for a lifetime. Amana Refrigerators can get complex but certain simple parts have a tendency to wear out often. For instance compressor can blow, preventing the refrigerator from keeping your food the perfect temperature. The problem is a simple fix and even simpler to prevent, but to the non-appliance repair professional may appear very serious. Do you think you’d feel bad if you dropped $2500 on a new Amana Refrigerator when all it needed was a quick service to stop to keep the dust out of your compressor? The part isn’t cheap, a hundred bucks or so, but certainly not the $2,500 you’d pay for a new Amana Fridge! Furthermore, once the compressor goes, the problems can mount and become very serious.  We’ve seen these types repair issues again and again in Los Angeles and nothing makes us more upset than to see your had working dollars flushed down the drain when a simple service or repair is all you needed. Don’t be shy, give us a call, we’re here to help: 877-523-4923