Bosch Washer Repair Los Angeles

Having earned the title for one of the industry’s best, Bosch washers are elegant, refined and high quality machines. But even the best washer money can buy breaks down once in a while. When your Bosch Washer stops working your first instinct may be to buy a new one. Bosch Washers may cost as much as a couple grand, why waste the money? The problem may be very simple to  repair. Whether it’s the digital display giving you problems or the unit stopped working altogether, give us a call, the repair may be as simple as a broken lamp. Trying to perform a Bosch Washer Repair yourself? Not recommended! Repairing these high-tech machines requires product-specific knowledge in some cases. Our technicians are factory trained and the repair cost is more affordable than you may think!

Giving  your Bosch washer a tune-up service may be just what the doctor ordered to prevent major repairs and keep it working properly for many years. Bosch Washing Machines are complex but certain simple parts have a tendency to wear out often. For instance drum belts can wear out or simply slip, preventing the drum from spinning. The problem is simple to fix and even simpler to prevent, but to the untrained individual may appear very serious. Can you imagine how bad you’d feel if you dropped $1,600 on a new Bosch Washer when all it needed was a quick service to prevent your drum belt from slipping? This is a $15 Bosch Washer part but once it goes the problems can mount.  We’ve seen these types repair issues again and again in Los Angeles and nothing makes me more upset than to see your had working dollars flushed down the drain when a simple service or repair is all you needed.